Tuesday, November 1, 2011


In the previous post, I mentioned how to convert DATETIME to TIMESPAN.

Now if the requirement is to convert DATETIME TO TIMESPAN, we can do that in one line:

DateTime dt="XXX";
TimeSpan TS = new TimeSpan(dt.Now.Ticks);

This will convert the DateTime to TimeSPan.



Tom Santos said...

Extrapolating from the above suggestion, wouldn't this work:

Dim dtStartTime as new DateTime
Dim tsStartTime As TimeSpan = New TimeSpan(dtStartTime.Hour, dtStartTime.Minute, dtStartTime.Second)

Since TimeSpan takes hours, minutes, and seconds as arguments.

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Anonymous said...

This does not work. Now is not a valid property on an instance of a DateTime.

Fawad Tariq said...
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Anonymous said...

Totally nonsense! This converts apples to potatoes.
TimeSpan and DateTime are there because a date is a completely different thing than a time span: What date should "one week and five hours" be???

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