Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interview with IBM

these are the questions asked in IBM interview...

  1. Rate yourself in ASP and ASP.NET
  2. Rate yourself in VB
  3. What is Activex Object?
  4. How many types of ActiveX objects are there?
  5. What is diff between ActiveX DLL and ActiveX EXE?
  6. When to use ActiveX DLL and when to use ActiveX EXE?
  7. What is COM+?
  8. How you can use COM in .NET?
  9. What is assembly?
  10. What are different parts of assembly?
  11. How many types of assemblies are there?
  12. What is singleton assembly?
  13. What is Satellite assembly and how to create it?
  14. What is the difference bewteen datareader and dataadapter?
  15. What is Dataset? Explain..
  16. How to establish a conn to a database?
  17. How to fetch data using datareader and sqldataadapter?
  18. What are various autentication mode in IIS?
  19. What is difference between authentication and authorisation?
  20. Explain authentication process.. what changes is required in web.config?
  21. How to impliment exception handling in ASP.NET?
  22. How to handle application error/exception in ASP?
  23. What is GAC?
  24. Why GAC is required?
  25. What is Normalization?
  26. Explain different types of Normalization Form with examples.
  27. What is trigger?
  28. Explain difference between AFTER and INSTEAD OF triggers.
  29. What is transaction?
  30. Explain ACID property of trancation.
  31. Write the code of how to implemnt trancation in ASP.NET.
  32. How many types of joins are there?
  33. Write a query to show cross join?
  34. Explain the concepts of OOPS?
  35. Diff between interface and abstract class?
  36. Use of sealed keyword?
  37. How to hide data member and function member of base class?
  38. Explain inheritance.
  39. What is ADO?
  40. What is cursor type and lock type?
  41. How many cursor types are there and what are the uses of each one of them?
  42. How will you delcare user defined data types in javascript?


Santanu said...

very tough

purbita said...

where is your interview with itc infotech?

Gitolekha said...

Hey Varun, that was a useful piece of info. It helped me immensely ;-)